About FERD

Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations

Foreign Economic Relations Department( FERD )


  • Economic cooperation with foreign countries as well as external organizations for receiving external aids in forms of grants , financial assistance and technical assistance for economic and social development of the state in line with the fundamental institution development.
  • Bi-lateral economic cooperation and coordination as well as United Nation Organizations


  • To promote economic cooperation with foreign countries as well as external organizations for mobilization of external resources in forms of grants, loans and technical assistance for the economic and social development of the country.
  • To contribute to the ASEAN economic integration.
  • To enhanced foreign economic relation with a view to achieving people centered, inclusive and sustainable development of Myanmar.
  • To support institutional development of the Government through coordination for training and scholarship programmes offered by development partnersphp.


  • Formulating the national policies and strategies for effective and efficient use of development assistance based on the development priorities set forth by the Government.
  • Acting as a focal point for bilateral countries, UN agencies, and international organisations, in mobilizing external financial and technical assistance and sending fellowships to abroad.
  • Coordinating with relevant authorities and development partners to ensure that necessary budget issecured within annual budget for smooth implementation of the programmes, projects and other activities supported by development assistance.
  • Coordinating among Foreign Countries, International Organizations, Scholarship Selection and Approval Committee of Myanmar and Government Agencies regarding the scholarship and training courses abroad for human resource development.
  • Providing the recommendation for INGOs to register in Myanmar and updating the INGOs Project list.
  • Coordinating between Development Partners and Ministries concerned to maintain was established for effectiveness of ODA to maintain a database of development partners’ programmes and projects in Myanmar through the ‘Mohinga’ Aid Information Management System (AIMS).
  • Coordinating the process for ASEAN economic integration, implemenation of ASEAN plus one FTAs and RCEP, economic cooperation with East-Asia, and Greater Mekong Sub-region economic cooperation.
  • Acting as the secretariat for Development Assistance Coordination Unit (DACU).

Organization Structure

For cooperating of Economic and Technical, the Foreign Economic Relations Department organized with following 8 Division:

  • Duties and Responsibilities of the Asia and America Division
  • Functions for Europe, Australia and Africa Division
  • Functions for Development Management and Cooperation Division
  • United Nations, International Non-Governmental Organizations and International Organizations Division
  • ASEAN and ASEAN Economic Community Division
  • Dialogue Partners Cooperation Division
  • Legal,Training and Schparships Section
  • Administration and Accounts Section

The Asia and America Division is a coordination division between the Myanmar government entities and Partners in Development (PID) on all the matters relating to the bilateral economic relations, particularly the development assistance from East Asian countries such as Republic of Korea, Japan, the People's Republic of China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), Mongolia, South Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, 10 Southeast Asian (ASEAN member) countries, Middle East countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Countries in America such as United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil etc. The main responsibilities of the Asia and America Division are as follows:

  • Taking the negotiation role to get the development assistance when PID offer to implement projects in Myanmar under the scheme of providing Grant, Loan, technical assistance (equipment, experts, volunteers) and when Union Ministries, State Administrative Organizations (SAO), State and Region governments propose for the foreign assistance for their socio-economic projects;
  • Responsibility to submit the projects proposal proposed by the relevant ministries in order to get the approval of the higher level organizations and after that, sending the project proposals to PIDs for their approval and assistance officially;
  • Initiating and coordinating for the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Exchange of Letters and Exchange of Notes between the two countries after the proposed projects approved by PIDs’ side;
  • Coordinating with relevant PIDs regarding sending of volunteers and experts from government departments/organizations;
  • Coordinating the relevant ministries and development partners not only to participate in the seminars, Workshops and meetings but also the relevant ministries to host if offered to be held in Myanmar;
  • Coordinating for alternatively holding the high level meetings and policy dialogues of bilateral governments or the meetings of bilateral Joint Committee;
  • Compiling the facts and figures of bilateral economic cooperation and preparing the talking/ discussion points on the matters relating to bilateral cooperation for the occasional meetings between high level authorities and concerned international delegations and Ambassadors;
  • Organizing the Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) and Project Steering Committee (PSC) meetings regularly in order to scrutinize, monitor and evaluate the implementation of projects;
  • Facilitating for holding regular dialogues on projects implementation with foreign assistance between Government Entities and PIDs;
  • Facilitating and coordinating with the government agencies concerned in order to provide various exemptions, privileges and immunities for entitled PIDs;
  • Facilitating with the government agencies concerned to issues the requisite multiple visas (Gratis Official Courtesy) and Permits (Gratis Official Courtesy) for development financed project staffs and their family and to obtain various tax concessions and duty exemptions for Office vehicles, Office supplies, personal items and personal vehicles.
  • Facilitate inter-ministerial coordination between relevant Ministries and bilateral development partners and agencies regarding the proposal, negotiation and effective implementation of programmes, projects and activity funded by official development assistance.
  • Upon request, facilitate negotiations related to the provision for loan between relevant Ministries and development partner countries.
  • Process project proposals submitted by Ministries and development partners to be implemented for technical assistance including experts and Volunteer.
  • Process missions, meetings, workshops, seminars and other event requests (local and international) and making necessary technical,administrative and logistical arrangements.
  • Facilitate the bilateral business event via the coordination with relevant embassy, government/private associations with the aims to enhance bilateral trade and investment.
  • Process bilateral development partner and agency requests for travel clearance, visas, stay permits, tax exemptions on import and export of project vehicles and other project and personal related materials.
  • In terms of Development Assistance Projects carried out by line ministries and organizations, collecting the 3 months reports; analysing on the project’s progress; reviewing Implementation constraints and submittion of these reports to the high level authority.
  • Coordinating with respective agencies to get accurate aid figures at the ministry and sector levels.
  • Regarding the progress of development aid projects, submission to the National Plan Mid-Term and Annual Reports of Planning Department; quarterly report to Project Appraisal & Progress Reporting Department; and contribution to the Myanmar Statistical Yearbook of the Central Statistical Organization(CSO).
  • Reviewing the achievement and overlapping of development assistances at the union and state & region levels.
  • Quarterly negotiation with Line Ministries and Development Partners for implementation constraints (eg. Visa, Travel Authorizations, etc.) of development assistance projects.
  • Myanmar Development Assistance Policy (DAP) formulation, publication and distribution of as a living document in accordance with the up-to-date policies and guidelines.
  • Through the Aid Information Management System (AIMS), coordination with international partners, implementation ministries, and related organizations is ensured, as is the transparency and accuracy of development assistance projects and programs.
  • Acting as a member of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) for the transparency of development assistance; and providing necessary information to IATI to make significant progress in setting up Aid Information Management System (AIMS).
  • For country ownership over the identification of development priorities; a clear focus on results; furthering more inclusive development partnerships and promoting greater transparency and accountability, Myanmar's Monitoring Profile for Effective Cooperation is submitted biannually to the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation Monitoring Process (GPEDC).
  • Related to the GPEDC indicators (2) and (3), implementation and evaluation of national development policies in collaboration with civil society organizations (CSOs), promoting the relation between the government and private sector.
  • Organizing annual, mid-term aid effectiveness dialogues and forum with international partner.
  • Coordination with development partners, relevant Ministries and organizations according to the guidelines of the Strategic Coordination Groups (SCGs); analyzing the reports of to respective SCG.
  • Negotiation with related agencies, if necessary, for the implementation of development aid-funded projects in the Union's fiscal year budget plan.
  • Compiling information of state-owned lands operated by Union Level Organizations and Regional Governments; as well as carrying out the functions outlined in the Land Bank Notification.
  • Providing Logistics and Subject matters for participation in the World Economic Forum.
  • Supporting documents and comments for Ministries, Parliamentary Questionnaires, and Press Conferences if required.
  • To facilitate as a focal point for cooperation with the United Nations Agencies and International Organizations.
  • To coordinate between line Ministries and United Nations Agencies such as UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNODC and FAO to implement their country programmes.
  • To coordinate between line ministries and International Organizations such as Asia Development Bank, Asia Development Bank Institute, World Bank, Mekong Institute, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and GMS Economic Cooperation, Colombo Plan, Lancang-Mekong Economic Cooperation for economic cooperation activities and development assistance (loan/ grant/TA).
  • To facilitate the request of UN/IOs on visas, stay permit, International staffs and their family member.
  • To provide the recommendation for tax exemptions on import and export of vehicles and other materials for project/office use of UN Agencies and personal effects of UN staffs.
  • To organize the meetings, workshops, seminars and other events to held in Myanmar relating UN/IOs as a host country.
  • To support the necessary arrangements for the representatives of relevant Ministries to attend the international meetings, seminars and workshops relating UN/IOs.
  • To facilitate the request of UN/IOs on importation, purchasing, selling, donation and disposals of vehicles.
  • To facilitate for getting travel authorization for International staffs from United Nations and International Non-Governmental Organizations and International Organizations.
  • To make contributions of Myanmar to some United Nations Agencies and regional Organizations in time.
  • To provide recommendation for INGOs to register in Myanmar.
  • Participating in the negotiation process of ASEAN economic integration.
  • Coordinating with ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN Member States, concerned ministries and organizations for the realization of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).
  • Arranging to conduct the AEC Awareness Programme for Myanmar with the support of ASEAN Secretariat and foreign organizations.
  • Arranging to hold regular meetings of working committees (WGs) for the implementation of AEC 2025 Blueprint at the national level.

Regarding the cooperation with the ASEAN’s dialogue partners, FERD performs the following activities-

  • Participating in the negotiation process of upgrading the existing ASEAN plus one Free Trade Areas (FTAs), future ASEAN FTAs as well as the implementation of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement.
  • Liaising with ASEAN Secretariat, FTA partners, dialogue partners, and concerned agencies for the implementation of ASEAN plus one FTAs and economic cooperation with dialogues partners.
  • Carrying out the trade-related activities for the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation(BIMSTEC).
  • Coordinating and supporting for the ASEAN Economic Ministers Meetings, Senior Economic Official meetings, other sectorial meetings with the dialogue partners, workshops, trainings and capacity building programme held in Myanmar and abroad.
  • Undertaking the process for signing and ratification of the FTA agreements of ASEAN with dialogue partners.

Functions of Legal Section

  • Giving comments on the draft version of bilateral Agreement, Memorandum, Exchange of Notes, Memorandum of Understanding, multilateral Agreement, United Nations and International Agreement, Regional Agreements, Agreement with Regional Organizations, International Non-Governmental Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • Providing legal comments to requested ministries on the draft version of the Agreements/ Contract on procurement, construction, transport, consultant service, joint venture, BOT, land lease and investment, etc for development projects and providing legal advice on laws drafting by concerned ministries.
  • For Bilateral and International Agreements concerning with grants and technical assistance from foreign countries and organizations for and on behalf of the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, combining comments from concerned ministries and coordinating and negotiating with bilateral and international agencies for finalizing the Agreements (draft) and submitting the final draft of Agreements to Economic Committee and State Aministration Council’s Meeting, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to get the approval for signing.
  • Cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Legal Affairs to check the draft version of Agreements, MoUs and other legal documents which will submit to Economic Committee by relevant ministries in terms of grammar.

Functions of Traing and Scholarships Section

  • Submitting the scholarships and training courses offered by foreign countries and international organizations such as the Colombo Plan and UN agencies to the Scholarship Selection and Approval Committee.
  • Forwarding the scholarships and training courses allocated by the Scholarship Selection and Approval Committee to the concerned line ministries and organizations.
  • Coordinating between foreign agencies and government agencies for the nominations, applications and acceptance processes of the participants.
  • Arranging the information session of scholarship programmes when foreign embassies and organizations request.
  • Submitting personnel and administrative affairs to the Executive Committee of the Ministry and arranging the meetings holding at the department.
  • Preparing monthly, biannual and annual reports,and administering the personnel affairs including keeping personal records, recruiting, promotion, transferring, taking action, leave, pension, permission for movement order of the staff to attend the meetings, workshops and trainings in local and abroad.
  • Procurement and distribution the office equipment, furniture and stationery and keeping inventory.
  • Drawing estimate budget (income and expenditure) for next fiscal year compared with current fiscal year.
  • Reporting actual monthly, quarterly, mid-term and yearly income and expenditure to the ministry and concerned departments, undertaking the government contribution to International organizations, preparing General Reserve Fund to refund and connecting with Myanmar Economic Bank to deposit and withdraw.
  • There are totally 157 staffs currently comprised of 98 officers and 59 staffs of other ranks in the department.