Video Message

Delivered by H.E. U Aung Naing Oo,

Union Minister for Investment and Foreign Economic Relations at the 18th China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO)

Round Table Meeting on Investment Cooperation

Nanning, 11th September 2021


Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is a great pleasure and honour for me to address you on this special occasion.


I would like to thank the China ASEAN Expo Secretariat for organizing this remarkably event and also to extend my greetings to all participants: key representatives and policy makers from public and private sectors attending physically and virtually today.


Emphasizing on our cooperation goals, I am convinced that today meeting is a valuable platform to share the insights on what is being done in Myanmar for the better business environment amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Let me begin by conveying the current situation of Myanmar. As you are no doubt aware, the State Administration Council makes great efforts to restore stability and lays down economic foundation for a conducive business climate after it has taken the State’s responsibilities. Pursuing our commitment to create a more attractive, investor-friendly- environment, we continue to take a multi-dimensional approach for liberalizing, promoting and facilitating trade and investment. Despite many challenges we are facing, we never stop our work to facilitate business by the SMART Programmes: Streamlining and Simplifying Procedures, Maximizing Online Services and Minimizing Barriers to Business, Assuring After-care Services, Reducing Regulatory Burden and Transparency Enhancement.


Secondly, I would like to emphasize on the theme of the 18th China-ASEAN Expo: Advancing Quality BRI Cooperation, Promoting Sustainable Development”. As all of you know, this year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of dialogue relations between China and ASEAN. Therefore, I feel that the theme of the Expo is meaningful for our shared future.


Recognizing the importance of the sustainable development practices in helping countries grow in ways that adapt to the challenges posed by various changes, Myanmar vigorously involves in SDG-related activities at national, regional and global levels. In conformity with UN SDGs, Myanmar has intentionally prioritized encouraging activities and businesses – which can substantially support to the sustainable development embedded in the National Economic Policy, Investment Policy and business-related rules and regulations as the National Agenda.


Looking a special attention to ASEAN-China Cooperation Commitments including initiation of the ASEAN-China Joint Statement on Sustainable Development (2010), we all have paid greater importance to sustaining economic growth and promoting trade and investment linkages, social development, poverty reduction, environmental protection and encouraging activities related to green economy, blue economy and circular economy.


Ladies and gentlemen,


Nowadays, COVID-19 has caused a collapse in health, economic sectors including SDG investment sectors, associated with the disruption of regional and global supply chains. In response to the impact of COVID-19 crisis and any potential similar shocks, the only solution is to provide the opportunities for pioneering qualified- and sustainable- oriented business models and high-technology in cooperation with national, regional and global actions.


On top of that, it gives the broader channels to adopt and invest the digital technology in developed, developing and LDC countries as well as the opportunities to promote sustainable and resilient business models to combat against any shocks through collaborative activities among countries.


Thirdly, let me highlight Myanmar - China bilateral relations. Myanmar and China have the mutual benefits in trade and the commercial ties based on our strong and dynamic relation rooted in centuries. Again, our friendship has been strengthened by the signing of China Myanmar Economic Corridor Agreement in 2017. The projects under the CMEC will be implemented accordingly.


The bilateral ties through trade and investment sectors prove the mutual benefit of our people.  As a result, China has been one of the top trading and investment partners of Myanmar for years.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


During the hardship juncture for all due to the global pandemic, we try our best to protect our economy, our people and our social community through the multi-dimensional approaches. Importantly, we need to go hand in hand for our future. That’s why, we value our bilateral and regional relations and hope to cooperate in the various area in the future. I would like to see more regional corporations grasping the investment opportunities in our country.


We need to invest much more in agriculture, infrastructure, education, healthcare, training, skills and research to support harness and cope with the global changes. Especially, the productivity-enhancing and value-adding agro-based investment is important for us. For preparing the post COVID era, Myanmar welcomes the investment activities such as the establishment of industrial zones, the supply chain for the agricultural sector, health related manufacturing and digitization.


Excellencies, distinguished participants, ladies and gentlemen,


I want to conclude with some words that big things have small beginnings. I am assured that today small event will create bigger outcomes under our untiring efforts towards a better world for all.

The China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) gives powerful impetus for increasing Chinese investment in all ASEAN member states including Myanmar. As for our country, the Chinese investment is about 25 % of total FDIs and many Chinese companies are doing business well in Myanmar.


Therefore, organizing this kind of expo and cooperation dialogues annually will support to not only the facilitation of Chinese businesses but also the promotion of investment from China in our countries.


I wish the success and prosperity of all participating countries in this expo and again congratulate the organizers for your great efforts in hosting this most successful expo and dialogues.


Thank You.